IT Courses for beginners in four areas: Web Development, Networking, Q-Testing, Python.

The course has been enrolled and will be attended by 45 students, who will obtain technical and soft skills in IT, the target audience being high school students of Taraclia District High School, students of Taraclia State University, professionals currently working in the industry, as well as those who have decided to get a new IT profession.



  In Web Development course you learn to create full-fledged web sites and web applications from scratch. Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, get to know frameworks and become a sought-after web developer. Even if you haven’t done any programming before.


 PYTHON Course


 In the course Python , will teach how to develop Web applications and build neural networks, to carry out scientific calculations and automation of processes. The language is easy to learn, even if you have never programmed.


 Q – TESTING course


 Q-Testing or manual testing will teach you how to find errors in websites and applications using Java, JavaScript or Python. From the first class you will dive into practice and be able to start earning in a couple of months.




 The Networking course teaches you basic knowledge of how computer networks work and the practical skills of configuring, administering and monitoring a small office network.



Experienced trainers and technical mentors from the IT area are involved in the educational process.


Participants can also propose their own ideas and projects for detailed development. After passing these two stages you will have an opportunity to get already formed business case and just in a month you will be able to start your own project or business, or get a higher level of qualification, get a new profession and find a job.


The courses in Information Technology are part of the TEKWILL project, run by the National Association of IT Companies with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development and Sweden.


Contacts; Tel: 373 60 100495, Natalia Suditu- Project Manager