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sustainable development

Курсы ИТ для начинающих

Стартовали Курсы ИТ для начинающих по четырем направлениям :  Web Development, Networking, Q-Testing, Python. На Курсы записались и пройдут обучение 45 , которые получат технические

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About us

Foundation for innovations and sustainable development was established to support innovations in Moldova,  attract investments to Moldova thus to provide self-sustainable development of the country, in general, and its regions, in particular.

Our main goal is to provide a break-through technological and social-economic development of Moldova regions thus increasing life level and life standards, provisioning the conditions and required environment/basis as well as possibilities for citizens’ self-realization and application of each citizen talent.


Natalya Suditu

... "bring your Innovative ideas to Life. Ask me How"


Evgeny Kamenshchik


Galina Burimechkova


Victor Parlikov

Foundation milestones

“Foundation carries out its activities based on the principles of Freedom, Equal Opportunities and Transparency.”.

“Foundation activity is fully apolitical”.

By means of its activity Foundation promotes values and interests of the Civil Society, Democracy, and Constitutional State based on open competition, strictly following non-commercial sector ethical norms.

Foundation supports initiatives in the areas of: Education, Business, Civil Society development and Infrastructure - with the purpose of acceleration of the social-economic development processes of Moldova regions.



Project "E-LEARNING4S".
Project Goal: Integration of educational platform into Moldova regional schools.

Project "ROBOTICA".
Project Goal: provision of the required environment for motivation, along with vocational training of the pupils prior to their entering into High Education institutions followed by their job engagements with the companies on the following specializations: roboting, information Technologies and other as appropriate.

Project Goals: Launch of the Kids Academy in IT sector as well as implementation of the educational Programs.


Civil Society

Project "Selection and development of the young teams: Development of the civil society".
Project Goal: increase the level of the youngsters social inclusion, through engaging them into decision-taking processes of the local societies.

Project Goal: Launch of the local municipalities Voting systems based on Delegative Democracy principles and blockchain technology.



Project "Launch of Innovative business Incubator".
Project Goal: Support and development of the newly established companies and newcomer entrepreneurs by provisioning them at early stage of their businesses with specially priced office/premises lease conditions, consultation Services, accounting Services, legal services and many others that are required for a business launch.

Project “Development and implementation of agroecological Innovations and Technologies in agriculture according to the principles of Smart specialization”.
Project Goal: To increase the level of competitiveness and ensuring sustainable development of the region of Taraclia and the ATU Gagauzia through the introduction of agroecological innovations and technologies taking into account climate change.



Project "My Clean City".
Project Goal: Offer to inhabitants a simple way to manage their living wastes.

Project "Excellent Center AgroTERRA".
Project Goal: To create an innovative infrastructure for increasing the competitiveness of agricultural companies in the South Region of Republic of Moldova.

Why us?


Professionalism and existing Expertise

Foundation team members are certified experts and proven professionals in such domains as: IT, Power and Utilities, Innovations and technological transfer, Ecology, Regional infrastructure and many others. We have existing experience in investment attraction: totalling in many million EUROs investments actually brought into Moldova.


Existing Strategic partnerships with many State and International organizations.

Foundation has already signed many strategic Partnerships with the purpose for development and implementation of initiatives for Moldova regions transformation aiming to increase/improve citizens' life level and life standards.


Individual Approach

Besides all mentioned above goals etc... Foundation is also driven by the principles of individual approach to each particular case and each particular situation. This approach allows achieving success in each project and provides trust on the side of the civil and business societies thus assisting to solve issues on all the levels as required.